The bi-material injection is a process which enables to inject simultaneously in a same mould two different thermoplastic materials.


Time saving

This prevents subsequent stages of assembling, more expensive in time and recovery means. Plast’avenir has several presses up to 1100 tons able to implement this process.

presse bimatière

Bi-material workpieces

This process can be used in order to obtain workpieces with a technical part in a material and a part in a more suitable material to the desired aspect. This can also be a solution to get workpieces of two different colors.

Watertight functions

Finally, the bimaterial injection allows to develop watertproof functions, with moulding gaskets directly onto the affected workpiece without passing through the assembling step. This technique requires specific skills, both in terms of mould design and material selection, and in mastery of injection parameters. A preliminary study by specialists must be conducted to determine the feasibility conditions and the profitability.

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