Custom-made solutions

For some projects, such as automotive subassemblies (glove boxes) or electric (breakout boxes), Plast’avenir implements assembling solutions.


The simplest assemblings make use of clipping or screwing functions developed by the Plast’avenir’s Design Office.

When the project requires it, more technical assembling modes can be developed, such as magnetic inserts.

Other assembling methods are used based upon specific technical means: ultrasonic welding, mirror welding, spirflam® in order to secure and optimize the assembling, and in case of a manual assembling type systems like poka-yoke are generally developed.








According to the project and the associated volumes, various modes of assembling are envisaged: manual by using ergonomic workstations; semi-automated, in particular for UV mirror and welds. Finally, the fully automated assembling are reserved for production in large and very large series.

The Plast’avenir site in Aixe-sur-Vienne is specially used for the implementation of specific assembling islands. Similarly, 15 operators and technicians of this team are specialized in every types of assemblings.

In order to define ways adapted to your project, contact Plast’avenir’s Sales Department.




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