Plast’ Avenir develops its technical expertise and its know-how for 25 years in the service of big contractors of the automobile and electricity sectors.

This rigor is made to serve all service projects. Strong advocate of “produced in France,” Plast’Avenir is particularly sensitive to innovations. So we regularly positioned beside designers to bring them the expertise that will allow them at the appropriate time to effectively evolve from industrial prototype and pre-series to series production. These steps are crucial in the implementation process in the market of innovation and may represent huge risks when they are not perfectly mastered.

Strong of long years of experiment in the development and industrialization projects for major contractors in the automobile and electricity sectors, Plast’Avenir starts today with project leaders as partners industry through its Design Office and its manufacturing workshops.

According to the projects, solutions of equipments financing can be organized according to the “win-win” logic: risks are shared, so are successes.

Several projects are being implemented according to this model, in diverse and varied sectors: eyewear, tele-dosimetry, animal feed…